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12:12am 11/01/2004
  I know this is a bit late but, who thinks RotK totally KICKED ASS?  

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12:05am 11/01/2004
mood: impressed
I can't believe it... I haven't been at livejournal for... months! I just checked back at this community and it has... well lots more members than before!!! Welcome everyone!

co-mod Emily


04:45pm 06/08/2003
Hey everybody! This is my first post here ... I've lurked in many communities, but I never seem to get around to posting. Anyway, I thought I'd let you guys know about this great site. I know nobody likes spam, but seeing as you guys are Lord of the Rings fanatics, I thought you might appreciate this. I apologize if you're seeing this a bunch of times on your friend's list, that's why I put it behind a cut. Please check it out, I'm sure you'll find something on here that you'll like!

The Gathering at Lindon!Collapse )


Shameless Plug :) 
02:04pm 15/06/2003
mood: creative
Hey all :) From one newbie community to another, I wish the both of us 'prosperity' in the growth and popularity of our communities :)

I also wanted to 'plug' a new community I started for, yes, The Lord of the Rings. I'm well aware of the fact that there are dozens, maybe even hundreds of communities supporting or standing behind the LotR and it may hence to be pointless but give it a chance :) It's brand new and should be in the kick of things by Monday 6/16, thanks.

»» lordotrings please check it out when it's up and running..or you could always join, well- now. ;) {cross-posted}


10:52pm 31/05/2003
mood: sleepy
okay the nastiest thing..i just saw....ian mckellen kissed jimmy fallon...okay it was a rerun but i didn't see it...

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02:15pm 17/05/2003
mood: artistic
here's a little poem I wrote about Feanor during class yesterday, it needs 'tweaking'. I cross posted this so sorry if you get twice


Eyes cold and hard
as stone and ice
But behind them lies
fire, and a spirit of
passion, that is easily

No will of his own
does he possess
he has but one
desire, to find the
work of his lifetime that was

With the light of the trees
silver, gold, the Valar
contained in these precious
stones, as stars they shine
Corruption of the Noldor, the

Desired he these shining stars
hid he them in the blackest
darkness, evil came and stole them
away. Never again did he see those
stars. Nor any other who kept them in

The fire spirit could not be
quenched, nor can stars
be hidden in the darkness.
Corruption, desire, light,
skill, wisdom. Captured by the
Fire Spirit.....


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03:17pm 10/05/2003
mood: rushed
well now, does anybody know where i can get a good pic of bilbo writing at his desk?

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what???? O.o??? 
12:25pm 04/05/2003
mood: apathetic
black hair?

why does the darling elf man have black hair? I've seen this picture when Leggy has blond hair, but black? ~sighs and mutters~ crazy PJ.... at least he changed it..


hello everyone! 
09:26pm 29/04/2003
mood: chipper
hello everyone I'm luitha! I love LotR and Everything to do with it... I'm
Well lessee my fav character is Smeagol, closely followed by Aragorn Frodo Legolas and Haldir...

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